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Originally Posted by orangedawg View Post
What type of xenon bulb does it use? I'm leaning toward the 6000k, but may want to change them out for 4300k if I prefer that look. Is the bulb readily available?

How much are the euro bulb holders?

How are aiming issues with the xenon? As it doesn't have adaptive ride height control, I'm concerned about blinding oncoming drivers.

i believe its a d1s bulb, it comes pre installed based on the options you select at checkout. absolutely get the 6000k, its pure white, no purple at all despite what it says on, but brighter than the 4300k. def makes you stand out a bit more. Euro bulb holders are about 25 bucks for the pair, no shipping for me because i picked them up at my friends body shop.

the aim is perfect too, the drivers side is angled slightly lower as it should be, to avoid blinding incoming drivers, and the passenger is slightly raised which helps see streetsigns, etc.

once it gets dark i'll take some pics of the cutoff. very clean tho