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I wouldn't be a copper as I believe their hands are 'tied' by red tape, political correctness and a general imbalance of 'power', by which I mean not enough is done for the victims of crime and not enough done to punish the scum and criminals.

I do believe they lay their lives on the line and encounter situations where quite frankly, I would seriously struggle to contain my anger or find it intolerable (the things CID have to see and deal with as well as the copper 'on the beat'). For that I do respect what must be a very difficult job.

I would like to hear the reasons why so many of us feel and believe that not enough is done to catch criminals, why the victim may be arrested for trying to defend themselves, their families and their property. It's going to be the red tape scenario I would hazzard a guess at, ridiculous political correctness, the bloody CPS, lawyers........the Government past/present. How does this make the police feel in trying to do their jobs? Does it create apathy?

I don't give a flying fu*k if the twat committing the crime is black, brown, pink or blue with sky dots, if they're breaking the law they should be dealt with. Why the hell can't we get back to basics and have some serious social stigma to the fact that it is WRONG to commit a criminal offence - end of. And no I'm not on about bloody speeding either. Hell, in Hull they reckon if you get cut down the drug problem, the thieving would drop dramatically almost immediately, but no, go to certain chemists in the city and they're getting their drug substitute for free. don't get me started.

As for the Met. and the vid, well from what I've been told, the Met have always been, not a law unto themselves but operate differently to the provincial police forces. Those in the vid were wrong and not in control imo. I'm sure there's plenty of decent ones.