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I think this is an interesting thread.

Teutonic has certainly satisfied my previous consideration that he is very decent. Furthermore, I applaud a copper actually willing to join a debate like this where it would often be prudent to shake ones head and remain anonymous!!

On the other hand, I doubt (if he had the time) he (or anyone else) could go through this thread and rationally explain away all the bad experiences shared here.

Helen said that better than me, but I agree.

My point of view is still that coppers in 1977 joined for very different reasons than now. I daresay back then you joined because you wanted to, to make a difference, to give back and because it was a sound career.

I honestly believe (and saw with my own two eyes) a shift in the type of folk becoming coppers through the 90's and to today.

Cops used to strut around the gym like peacocks talking about who they were shagging. They wear their gas and batons in a parodoxical way to how a chav wears his ASBO - like a badge of honour they are all too keen to show off.

I'm not as critical of the police as I seem, but there are Police Officers... Heroes who can stand with their heads held high, and then there are pigs.... I won't say what they should be doing, but if you can't walk up to an intelligent, reasonable and sensible man like me and say 'now then, what's this all about' BEFORE you choose to release the dog then what the fuck are you doing claiming to be an enforcer of the law and not just a common thug?