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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
mate, u joined the force and i wasn't even born...

don't kno why u calling me an idiot especially as u didn't even understand any of my whos the idiot?
Im sorry mate, the idiot I was referring to was the subject of the first post, the officer who wasnt aware of the legislation and dug himself into a hole because he tried to bluff his way out and resorted to inappropriate conduct which brings all into disrepute.
Yes there are few like him, and also a few dishonest ones. (Remember the Police reflect the society from which they are recruited). However I just dont understand how anyone can hate someone just because they carry a warrant card.
What I despise are those who dont give a shit about others and take what they want, do what they want and hurt who they want and respect nobody. Sadly there are many more of them than there are Police Officers.
I tend to agree with much of what Beemerbird said but you need to be aware that Political Correctness and the punishment of criminals are not something the average bobby has any say on. They are just as frustrated (no...more frustrated) than Joe public.