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Originally Posted by Menno11 View Post
The foglight conversion is quite an expensive route (wanted to do it myself!) but the angle eye upgrade it very simple.
Check out Max motorsport or Revo Performance or Zmax, they will courier you a set.
Hey Menno...

Thanks for the response. It's quite a relief to find a fellow South African on these boards who's as knowledgeable as you are. I've always been a BMW fan, and I've owned an E36, and E46 in the past, but I've never attempted any sort of modification on a car this complicated before. I have nightmares about the entire thing going south and the car being reduced to a useless pile of junk.

How difficult would you say adding standard fog lights would be? Also, is the angel eye upgrade a "plug and play" application? What would you say amounts to a fair price for the replacement bulbs on that?

I know I'm asking a lot, but like I mentioned before, I'm a complete novice when it comes to stuff like this.

Again, thanks for the information