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Mods so far are damn nice, I would have gone with KW coils though.
Thanks dude. You car was an inspiration to me to get mine.

how much does those H&R lower the front and rear?
The quoted figures are the same as the 'Sport' but H&R Europe list it as a different part no. to Sport. Asthetically, it drops the front a tad more but not as severe as the Race.

to paint your bottom mesh.. did you have to take off the bumper?
You can just about remove the front main mesh by pushing it inwards and unclipping it that way. Be careful not to scratch your paintwork on the way out. However, once the aero lip is on, it's best removed from the inside. The 2 side mesh has to be unclipped from the inside anyway, and this will involve taking the entire front bumper skin off the car.

I didn't paint the lower mesh grills, I replaced them with the black ones from the 325i.