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Originally Posted by sandman0615 View Post
ok i think that is a bit uncalled for - i'm not trying to be illegal here, the reason i want xenons is because halogens provide NO light - do you think its safer trying to drive with those shit orange halogen headlights? im better off strapping two cell phones to my bumper. especially dangerous around here where i see deer driving home every night. i'm glad you are concerned for my eye strain, but i chose this color because i wanted it to be white, not yellow not purple not blue but WHITE which is exactly what color a bmw should have. i resent that 'poser who wants to look cool' shit cuz thats not the case at all, i believe that a BMW should only be modded to look like it could have rolled off the factory line.

and i'm sorry but 'obnoxious old fart' doesnt do you justice stop trashing my thread. didnt your mother ever tell you? if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all
Perhaps I was a bit harsh but your adamant belief that a blue tint produces more light is just plain wrong and puts you into the "I didn't do my research properly" category.

FMVSS 108 requires a "white" light source complying with "SAE standards." While "white" is not specifically defined, most experts put it in the 4500k range (including those in the tests linked above.) Accordingly, the 4300k used by every car manufacturer is basically spot on.

Why would a car manufacturer use a 4300k bulb if a 6000k would be be better? They cost the same amount.

The reason is quite simple - anything over 4500k decreases light output and increases glare.

Finally, color temp of a lamp has nothing to do with housing design. A 6000k bulb designed for, and used in, a projector housing, is just as bad as a 6000k bulb used in a halogen housing.

You did a great job on your DIY and I applaud your efforts to get a "near legal" modification (technically, your mod, regardless of lamp, is still illegal) but you have blown it by the bulb you are using.

A few thoughts for everyone to consider: