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Originally Posted by Menno11 View Post
I did my system and this is what I did

also look at Mike's ride

I'm changing my setup now to include 2 x 12's but will post pics as soon as I complete my new box.

Good luck with your project!
Hey Menno...

Again, thanks for all the information. To be completely honest though, I'm still a little lost. I've looked over the suggested information, but have a few questions:

1) My stereo's HU says "Professional". Does that imply a six speaker set up with no amp?

2) When you say "tap" into the 4-inch drivers in the rear, do you mean divert them completely? Does that render those speakers inoperative (An obvious "yes" if that's the case)? One of the threads you directed me to indicated that those speakers aren't fed the full spectrum. Will they work to feed an amp that powers a subwoofer?

3) Is there perhaps a step-by-step guide somewhere on these boards that could perhaps make the install a little easier, especially in terms of the wiring?

Again, I appreciate the feedback.