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yea i think they look pretty damn close to oem, and awesome quality. when you factor in the price, these depos are a no brainer.

as for cb111111 just shut up already. you are just being negative and completely malicious its not 'oh you are misinformed so heres a helpful hint' its 'heres 1000 posts why you are a stupid poser. i know that the color temp is purely the color of the light output. i KNOW THIS. the white color seems brighter, i'm not saying its outputing more lumens or anything so just relax

all im saying is that they seem to have a purer white color as opposed to the 4300k. maybe its a icy blue effect because its close to the purple blue. you can see here its WHITE and i picked it for that reason.

besides what are you the xenon police? you gona report everyone who doesn't comply with FMVSS 108??? ohhhh nooo! this thread is supposed to be an informative DIY and i'll be damned if it reverts into one of those retarted bickering threads that goes on for 20 pages.

I appreciate your input, so ok we all know 4300k is the legal limit THANKS.