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What you need to understand is why the cracks occurred in the first place. Some happen due to the house settling over times which is normal and usually stop and the only reason to fix them is to keep water and bugs and stuff from getting into the house over time.

A friend of mine just fix a crack in the wall and was there since the house was build 7 yrs ago and never got bigger or changed so it was caused by the house settling. He did the repair to keep water from coming in since he is about to finish his basement.

Now the other reason cracks show up is due to poor design or construction, so unless these were address they may come back as well. The other is what they call hydraulic pressure or the build up of water either against the wall or from underneath.

With that all said, I would get a certification from and Engineer stating the reason for the cracks and what was done to make sure they will not happen again, because you could be spending $40K in the future to fix the problem again. Also this is not something you pay for in a home inspection, and inspectors usually have not clue about this stuff, they will point it out to you and tell you it should be checked by a professional, so unless have something from a engineer with PE in his title I could not trust it.

I looked at a house once which had a 1/2 inch crack across the entire basement floor and asked the owner to get an engineers study why the crack happen and also have it repaired they refused and said if I wanted the engineering cert I would have to pay, so I walked away since they probably knew there was some bigger issue they did not want to spend the money to fix.