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Originally Posted by Rob55 View Post
Not strictly BMW related, but can anyone recommend a good secure suction mount?

Now that the iPhone shoots HD video, our Nurburgring trip is going to be filmed using 3 iPhones mounted within the car but we need a decent suction mount to secure to the windscreen, rear screen and side window.

There's loads of cheapies on eBay, but I was wondering if anyone knew about anything a little less wobbly that could be modified to keep an iPhone held securely during the lap? I'm sure the cheapies on eBay will do the job but I think they will be a bit bouncy and make the video a wee bit hard to watch.

Any ideas?

Hmmm, you could have a look at something from Manfrotto, but it'll be expensive. Don't know of any good suction mounts that are stable and cheap !!

Incidentally, you might want to consider using something other than window mounts - at the 'Ring, if you're caught with cameras mounted in the car, you'll be prevented from driving on there until the cameras are removed... You need to much more discrete than that!