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Originally Posted by sandman0615 View Post
i hear what you are saying. when i bought my car it killed me that it didnt have xenons. BMWs always have the nicest headlights, and the 4 circle headlight design is iconic to the 3 series. I felt like the halogens were a complete abomination and killed the front end of the e90. the lci halogens are absolutely beautiful, but i couldnt get myself to shell out 800 bucks just for angel eyes and still have halogens. The other option is dropping 1500 for oem xenons, which is not really an option. thats why these felt like such a godsend. the quality is far superior.

if the ebay headlights are a 2/10, and oems are 10/10, these are easily an 8. the price is the nail in the coffin. just my .02
I get ya man, i got lucky with the Lci's and bought them both about a month apart (scavenging on ebay), and my conversion set i got for a very modest price, under 750, because of a broken tab...but nothing a little JB weld cant take care of

anyway, im glad you like them dude, your the projector90 spokesman at the moment