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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
I had Xenon on my E46 and miss them. I made some steps for an eventual conversion and got even blasted by some morons in another section for just considering something else than OEM, only asking for references. As much as I like the Xenon in the night, I much prefer the look of the halogen headlamps on day time.

* ducking out *.

(nonetheless it is great to have real alternatives to OEM. Good find.)
you got blasted bc you asked our opinion on cheap ebay lights, everyone said they were shitty and to get OEM or wait for depo, and you said "how do you know these are the same brands as the shitty ones? you guys are ignorant fools -- these could be different."

well, i remember challenging you to buy those shitty ebay lights to prove me wrong, and i see you still havent gotten them.