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Originally Posted by burberry View Post
Ok, this is my first time taking my car there for service and it's horrible. My adviser is some #$@# named Nick Giordano. So I dropped off my car yesterday morning at 9 AM (with an appointment from the day before). He tells me that they're gonna run diagnostics and give me an update by today. So he doesn't call me. I e-mail him and he tells me that he hasn't even started on my car yet...

That is not the only reason why I'm so frustrated. I e-mail him asking for some more information and if he can give me a loaner car. He doesn't even respond.

Anyone else have experience with Life Quality BMW? Or knows of an adviser that actually does their job?

Yea he was my advisor too. His uncle owns Life Quality, so i am guessing he can do what he wants... Go to William Wallace - he sits next to Nick.