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How to lose a customer...

My car went in for a service just under 2 weeks ago and as usual I received a service report. Everything was ticked green except the rear brake pads, which were an amber advisory. Half way through the Northern Meet, after some reasonably spirited driving, the brake warning light came on.

Based on the advisory report received the day before I decided to get the rear pads changed and rather than use BMW I bobbed into my local Kwik Fit, who did the job quickly and, I believed efficiently. They told me that the rears were indeed worn, the fronts still had life in them and that they and replaced the rear sensor at no cost, but had not been able to reset the warning light.

Today I rang my local dealership and they told me that they would reset the light at a cost of 25! I quickly searched this forum and came up with some suggestions for resetting it myself, but nothing worked. I therefore rolled into the dealer.

40 mins later a desk jockey tells me that the front pads are worn, therefore the sensor has been triggered. I obviously challenged this, based on the report received from them not 2 weeks before.

"Ah yes sir, that's just a quick visual check. It's the inner pad that's worn."
" So what you're saying is that the visual check is pretty worthless"
" it is just a check sir."
" So why are measurements of the pads provided on the service report?"

" Ah...yes...that's just the outer pad measurement."
" So it isn't just a visual check then? It is actually measured?"
" Yes sir...but only the outer pad. This was more thorough. You need new pads. Shall I book it in?"
" No you bloody shan't book it in. This is shoddy service and you don't seem bothered in the slightest."
Longer pause. Shrugs shoulders and looks shifty.
"Well? Are you denying it is a worthless document that customers take in good faith?"
" This was a more thorough check. It's the inner edge you see. Anyway...right sir. Well in that case there's just the invoice"
"What invoice?"
" For 25 to cover resetting the service light."
"But you haven't succeeded!"
" That's because it needs new front pads. This charge is for ATTEMPTING to reset the light"

Cue righteous anger etc.

Unfortunately we had to get somewhere in a hurry so I reluctantly paid the 25. Is it just me or does this seem like pretty poor service?

The place is incredibly convenient, but I doubt I'll be going there again. One of the sales team keeps ringing me to try and get me into another BMW so I'm looking forward to his next call.