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Originally Posted by gregermister View Post
they would obviously be more anal on a lease correct? in terms of voiding your warrenty.
The issue with modifying a leased car has more to do with what happens when the lease term is up as opposed to voiding the warranty. The same thing that would void your warranty on a leased car will void your warranty on a purchased car-- but it needs to be directly related to the part being covered under warranty.

If you change the springs and your shocks go out in the warranty period, leased or bought, your shocks are NOT covered under warranty anymore. If your engine blows up, it should still be covered whether or not your changed your springs out...

If you change your roundels, you may have issue at the end of the lease because they probably want the original roundels back-- but it should have no bearing whatsoever on your warranty. I have never heard of a roundel "failing" due to manufacture defect-- but if your after market roundels fail, you aren't going to be getting a new set of OEM roundels under warranty

The warranty is not an all-or-nothing thing. Voiding the warranty on the stock suspension doesn't automatically mean your onboard electronics, engine, paint, and whatever else is also voided.