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i HATE this 'it's just a check' excuse, if it doesn't mean anything then why do it? i remember this from about SIX years ago at our local VW dealer, friends car was in for a service and then got MOT'd there 3 days later when they changed the tyres

Dealer 'We had to change the tyres, they were illegal'
Friend 'Well the safety check that YOU gave me 3 days ago shows the tyres to have plenty of tread, it's a 1.0 polo, i doubt i could ruin the tyres in 3 days and it did less than 10 miles in that time, as evidence by the mileage that you wrote down'
Dealer 'Well the MOT check is more thorough'
Friend 'If you're telling me that you told me that my illegal tyres were legal, which you did, then clearly you don't know what you're talking about. And if you don't know what you're talking about then who are you to tell me that they are illegal?

Anyway this faccade carried on till they offered to refund some of the tyre money down to what a local tyre place would charge, i remember it clearly cos it was 75+vat they charged, and any local tyre place were doing the same tyres for 30ish fitted.


Anyway I think it's about time we started complaining to trading standards about s**t dealers, it's thread after thread, story after story and it never changes. Ever.
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