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Trouble with big dealers today is they can't please everyone - their efforts are only exerted when big money is involved, involved for THEM that is - far as the rest go, small fish can wait. It's poor service and majorly disrespectful for people who work hard to own and maintain an expensive car, as opposed to a loaded semi-elitist walking in with his wallet wide open (no disrespect or jealousy intended, just stating a fact). It will probably be the same wherever you go - it's the nature of the industry. In recent times, Sytner seems to be making an attempt to tackle the issue, time will tell how much of a difference they can make.

If the Germans were aware of how the English are managing their brand, I'm sure they would ban most franchises, in the blink of an eye, from using their roundel.

P.S - I used a cheap CD from eBay that demonstrated how to reset service indicator lights - Just like you, I had service done on a previous Beemer by kwik-fit, and resetting them should've been their responsibility unless they explicitly made it clear beforehand.