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Now let me tell you of my experience of a VW dealer regarding the wife's Passat this week.. For me.. Truly a breath of fresh air especially after the abysmal recent service from Mercedes, whose honour was saved solely by the fact that they updated the HDD based satnav maps as part of the service...

The VW was saying it needed a service....
Took it to the local VW authorised repairer (they don't do sales)
Drove off in their courtesy car.
Phone call some 4 hours later that the car didnt actually need a service. The last servicing dealer "incorrectly" set the computer to Time&Distance rather than dynamic. They used the Longlife oil though, so all it needed was the setting updated.
Did need an aircon service and regas though so because of the inconvenience they did it for free...
My cynical view is that the supplying dealer set the computer to time&distance as that was a service revenue generator, but anyway....

Very very impressed with this particular VW authorised repair place.