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All sorts of interesting comments and apologies for not responding sooner.

1. The car went in for service on Friday 25th June. The service report indicated an amber advisory on the rear pads and a green light on the front pads.

2. On the 26th, half way into Northern Meet 3 the brake warning light came on (car on ramp symbol with triangle & exclamation mark). This is the only symbol that has been displayed and continues to display each time I start and stop the car.

3. On Saturday 3rd Kwik Fit fitted new rear pads and sensor. They advised that the front pads were OK and that they could not disable the warning light as 'our machine is not new enough.'

4. On Wednesday 7th JCT600 Bradford attempted to reset the warning light and informed me that the front pads need changing as detailed in my first post.

I saw little point in using BMW for the pad change as the car is over 3 years old and will either be traded or handed back at the end of the finance agreement. Kwik Fit were simply a convenient, reasonably priced alternative. On reflection I should have gone elsewhere and will explore a local independent in Yeadon.

My specific complaint regarding the main dealer is that the advisory report is essentially worthless, as the front pads were given a green light, then less than 2 weeks later they apparently need changing. In addition, their insistance on a 25 charge for attempting to reset the light is excessive.

TBH I can't get rid of the car soon enough. I've really enjoyed driving it and think it's a fantastic motor, but I would think long and hard before buying another BMW based on the shoddy service I have received ever since pre-delivery. I was fobbed off on delivery dates, the hand over was atrocious for a brand new car. The DP never replied to letters or phone calls, I had to practically drag a technician outside to prove that the climate control unit was faulty etc. etc. The general impression is that they couldn't care less about their customers unless you are about to purchase a car.