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Originally Posted by ny176 View Post
Ohhh man can't wait for this. I added an extra week on month 1 cuz I started the program on a Thursday. Then, one week of recovery week then on to the second month. How many more minutes are the MAX exercise than month 1 exercise? Also, are you planning on adding more calories to your daily diet because of the extra workout?
Just returned from some work travel this week.

Skipped two days of MAX but starting again tomorrow. Actually needed to rest my knee a bit anyway as it was hurting alot, I pushed a little too hard on the MAX program even though I was trying not to. With 2 MAX disks that I've done so far it puts the workouts at pretty close to an hour.

I haven't added any calories, I'm still losing weight, may need to add some to keep my energy up though. I did "add" alot of calories the last two days as I ate alot of stuff I haven't been eating lately.

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