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Need a bit of advice on a car purchase.

Back in may bought a B-class from the Mrs. 09 Plate 200 CDI. Nice looking car.

Initiall put a deposit down on the phone subject to viewwing. having previously test drives a car at same dealer. Picked up the car and all seems ok, while the car wash was not the greatest being on a hot day was covered in pollen.

Had a looka the car could not see much wrong. When we get it home and washed it problems startd. First spotted laquer of one of the alloys was peeling.

Booked the car in to get it fixed. When they returned the car the finish was pathetic. Some monkey put the wheel back on while we and roudn the wheel holes hte pait was all scratched. So car is going back in again.

In mean time last weekend finally got time and have the car a full valet and
Two stage wash and then wax.

Discovered that both rear quarter panels have been painted. One has a fain laque line near the window where it was masked badly and the other has two small paint runs need the sill.

Then discovered two other alloys have also had paint peeling.

What topped it off was the front wing and part of boonet had a lovely mist of overspray laquer as now washed and cleaned the bonnet was rough.
Got most of it off with TCUT but still slightly there.

Emailed the dealer (Merc Direct place in south London) havent heard anything back. Now today the power streeting has started to make grinding noises.

Emailed them again this time copying the head of finance to see if I get any where.

Really pŁ$sed off, got wife to swap to a merc as was getting fed up with Ford service and B-Class was only option as BMW dont have anything of similar size. Now just getting annoyed. Car was meant to be pristine now its starting to look like its a junk and possibly has been rear ended.

Havent had a chance to lift up all the floor carpets as they are all bolted together in merc but will be doing this soon.

Any suggestions how far I can take this, suggestions would be welcomed

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