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Originally Posted by demon- View Post
Has anyone considered using a mid-bass driver instead of a subwoofer under the seats? I am personally not a fan of deep bass in my music. I wonder how degraded the sound would be from a 6.5 mid-bass driver mounted under the seat. It certainly is not an ideal place to put a mid-range driver. I'm just not crazy about leaving 4" components all alone to take on all mid-range responsibilities.
Just because it is 8" does not mean it is not a mid-bass driver! A 6.5" driver naturally will not move as much air as an 8", so it would be a waste to put 6.5's down there, IMO. As you can see above, I've put in Morel CW-8s which work great but no longer commercially available. What I would recommend, based on forum member Technic's experience, is the Kicker SSMB8. Also, the Morel ADMW SW9 also seems to work great, according to VP Electricity.