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I wouldnt do it either. Years ago I let MobileOne here in the east Houston area put in an alarm in my wifes Sequoia. I was referenced to that place by a friend.
When you walk in you see all these plaques on the wall and all these training certificates from auto mfr's, its all bullshit, for the most part. These people will never treat your vehicle like their own.

They cracked all the screw covers (didnt use the little groove for inserting a small screwdriver) they eventually all fell off.

Left the tailgate unmonitored from the newly installed security system (found that out later at home, when i forgot to unlock it, just by habit, and the damn thing opened up) they said "we sold you a stock package for monitoring 4 doors, a tailgate is extra" My wife bitched and got it wired up.

They didnt bother going through the factory wire looms and made extra holes to run wires to the tailgate and the doors, replaced the solenoids in the passenger doors twice, the dash gauges did not work, lastly the headlights would not come on.

Till this day there is a blue wire that keeps poking out from the side paneling that gets sucked up by the vaccuum occasionally.

You get what you pay for, if you love your car, any car, do it yourself or pay extra to get it done properly at a high-end car audio shop.

BB installation department seems to always have teenagers that are incompetent, and tear shit up while doing it. I dont think they are ALL like that, no, probably not. Some have good employees working there.

Just my opinion.....