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I drive a e60, hifi/non-logic.

Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Use a good 4", they handle it just fine. What is your concern?
Well it's not that easy. 98% of the 4" woofers made are too deep to mount into my doors. The specs on those rainbows you suggested actually look really good. I have some focal components that really don't do it for me. They have a freq resp. at 120 Hz - 2.2 kHz those rainbows are 75-30,000 Hz. I'm not sure they will even fit at about 1/2 inch more depth then focal k2's.

My favorite components were cdt es-62's with silk tweets. I strongly doubt a shallow 4" driver can take the place of a quality 6.5" midrange. Just like kaigoss69 said, it is about pushing more air. Utilizing a 4" with an 8" does not equal a 6" no matter how you tweek it. Maybe I should fabricate some kick panels.

I will be adding an ms-8 eventually. Right now I am just struggling to find a setup I feel confident enough with to commit and move forward with my limited options.

I really have no desire for a subwoofer or a mono signal. In a lot of my music all a subwoofer picks up is a repetitive bass drum and becomes overwhelming and distracting. It sounds like shit to me so you can see why I am looking for an alternative. I don't want to drive around with 150w of bass drum constantly thumping up from under my ass.

A few Jehnert dealers in the UK told me they don't ship to the states. They make some really nice stuff. Do you know if they have any dealers in the US?