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Originally Posted by KevinC View Post
Ridiculous statement.

The runflats are heavy and crash over bumps, and don't stay planted as well as a "real" performance tire. Leave your suspension alone and replace those crappy tires with PS2's and then try to tell me your car doesn't ride AND handle better with the new tires. Not only are both improved, but the difference is dramatic. Ask ANYONE who has done this and you'll get the same answer.
Just out of curiosity, what part of my statement is ridiculous? Do you claim Bmw is not using RFT's for a reason? Do you mean that in reality magazines bash the handling of e92 335? Do you mean Bmw is very unreliable in their statements? Or do you think that having a floppy tirewall perhaps increases the accuracy of steering and overall handling precision? Perhaps you think Mercedes S-class would not be any more comfortable? Now I know! You don't believe I drive 335i!