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MOTUS Lab AGW+ Group Buy

Great news for those looking into the AGW+ option:

I've spoken with MotusLab in Italy and they are willing to give out a 20% discount on 3 (or more) AGW+ units if purchased at the same time.

Their retail price for the 8, 6 and 4ch outputs, with the discount applied and at today's FX rate, is: $858, $832 and $764, respectively. The required USB adaptor is $63. Combined shipping is another $150, and we could split up this among the purchasers (about $50 more per buyer).

This is a GREAT deal considering that if the AGW+ is purchased instead from the US distributor it would be almost 3 times the cost plus sales tax, etc (and besides, they only stock the 8 ch config.), and it would make this set-up not much more expensive and less intrusive than the alternate bitone1, MS-8, mObridge, Cleansweep (etc) options (especially for those who want to keep it as PnP as practically possible).

PM me if interested...

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