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Impressed with a Mini First

So, my E91 went in for a couple of bits today, and as a courtesy car they gave me a Mini First.

At first, I was a little pissed off, but then I thought "Well at least it will get me to work!"

Now I've driven a lot of mini's of all different kind (Cooper, Cooper S, One, Clubman etc) and my girlfriend has a Cooper S (59 Plate) which i drive regularly.

So, I got in the first and as always, put my foot to the floor in 2nd Gear which was pretty poor.

BUT, once on the country roads, I was amazed how much better it drives than all the other mini's I've ever driven - the softer suspension, the lack of rft's made it a true pleasure to drive on the country roads.

It really proves how RFT's can ruin a car!

Haven't got any photos but for 12k, it really is a cracking car!