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went to pick up my 335i and it was sold??

Just vented my frustration.. 2 days ago I drove 200 miles away to pick up a CPO 2007 BMW 335i w/ approx 22k miles ($26k) from a BMW dealership in NJ. I negotiated most of everything via email and phone.. I asked about filling the paper work for financing out on a Friday and the salesman said "don't worry about since you'll be in when we open tomorrow".

So Saturday morning I go to get my new car.. I get there and the salesman is literally hiding from me. I then find out.. that someone put a deposit down in the late the night before.. So I'm like..

Argued and argued and argued.. they tried to find me another ride.. but they kept showing me other 335i's that were WAY overpriced. I wasted 6hrs of my time, approx 400 miles of driving and came home w/ nothing.. now the search continues for a 335i at a killer price (getting very close).

Oh.. I did place a complaint in w/ BMW corporate this morning about the whole ridiculous escapade.