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Originally Posted by jpurvis08 View Post
ive been thinking of trying this insanity workout, heard alot about it. Ive been doing my own thing for the past year or so but only seriously hitting the weights and cardio and dieting the past 6 months, went from a bulky 198 lbs now im down to 155 lbs 6 months later. Lost alot of weight and cut down a whole lot and at the same time im much stronger than i was at the heavier weight. And also went from 18 percent body fat to now im sitting between 6 and 10 percent body fat depending on which machine i measure with and time of day very happy with the results but i want to see what this insanity routine is all abt.
Dam dude u lost 43 lbs in 6 months!! That's pretty awesome. Good job! Definately should give insanity a shot. It's mostly cardio. Can I ask you what kind of diet did you go on? Just finished my first month and I'm on recovery week of the program. So far lost 9 lbs. Mainly eating as clean as I can. Lots of veggies and some fruit. Mostly bake broil or grill chicken breast and fish. Just got the George Forman grill, that thing is awesome. Cut out all white carbs. Anything else I should be doing? Trying to eat every 3 hrs or so.