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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
CNET should stick to reviewing gadgets, which they're bad at, and not cars. He focuses more on the tech package and re-states manufacturers data. I'm more interested in actual 0-60 time, 1/4 mile, slalom, etc. I'm really curious why BMW hasn't released any 335is' to car magazines to test. I'm wondering if they are holding out to prevent the general public know that it is no different than the 335 in performance and everything is simply cosmetic.
It's not the same in performance. Maybe in slalom yea since the suspension is the same, but straight line or quarter mile it has got to be faster. Even with the same damn engine, DCT alone will make the car faster. And I thought we all knew a minimal amount of cars in here. If putting down a well liked BMW on a BMW forum is your way of justifying the jump you made to audi, take it somewhere else bro. No one here bashes on your car yet you've several times made snide remarks about a car you seem to know about less than you think.

Since when did engine mounts, oil coolers, radiator fans, water coolers, retuned ECU's transmissions, exhausts go from being functional to cosmetic upgrades? where's the jerking off smiley face here?

I'm just getting tired of a bunch of haters with pre LCI or other cars or whatever who have nothing to do but talk sh*t on a car that comes along that is in all honesty better in every possible way except maybe price and perceived value.