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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
I wasn't bashing the 335is. I am a car enthusiast and owned 2 e92 335's. I'm not justifying my jump to Audi in anyway and more curious about the 335is' numbers. In a BMW board or not, I will bash CNET even for their own product reviews. Have you seen a laptop review done by CNET? Have you seen their review of the S4? It's no different, likes the car but doesn't give an auto enthusiast real data. He was more focused on the NVidia navi and B&O sound. It's a quick and dirty review for tech junkies. I'm just saying, for a car that has been in preview and pre-production testing with journalists why hasn't car & driver, motortrend, and others buy one off the dealer lot and put it to test. We all want to know.
I think I may have misinterpreted your statement "I'm wondering if they are holding out to prevent the general public know that it is no different than the 335 in performance and everything is simply cosmetic." because it sounded like you were certain that the performance is no better and if that is the reason why they won't release performance data.

I think the review didn't do much to talk about performance other than published figures that everyone already knows. In fact, pretty much every single word that came out of his mouth could be found on the BMWUSA website. Hardly a review...more like a video dialogue of the car's features and package costs. However, a lot of people who buy BMWs even, don't ever buy based on 0-60 times or 1/4 mile. Even a lot of M3 buyers. Everyone on this board probably thought that review was silly, but we're a very specific subset here.