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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Why I think reviews like these are bogus is the way the guy wont stop yelling. Then, he calls the L7 bogus, yet he states there are 11 speakers. If there are only 11, which of the former 13 are missing. Did he even take the time to count? Again, which 2 are missing? Are they highs, mids, or are the subs missing under the seats?

He does get a little snarky about the L7, saying something like it is "fake surround" not real like a DTS system. Given that there is almost no software available for "real surround" systems (DVD-A is dead, SACD nearly so, and very few multi channel music DTS or Dolby Digital DVD's) I found that comment unnecessary. That said, he does say the system sounds pretty good-which it does.