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Well any number of things could have happen, they could have had seller's remorse, and realize they let it go for too little.

One time I had a sales guy screw up in my favor and then had the Sales Manager try backing out of the deal, he said it did not matter what the sales guy said, did or agree to or wrote down, unless his signature was on the deal it was not valid. It went back and forth and basically I told the sales manager he is going to honor the deal or I was going to bring a world of hurt down on him and the dealer, either way I was getting the deal form him or someone else and he was paying for it since small claims court usually favor the consumer.

You should have had them show you the contract for the car, since it could have been a bait and switch, you do not see that too often these days, but if they can not show you a contract then a nice visit to the AG officer will make their asses pucker.

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