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Originally Posted by e90ben View Post
Any chance of posting a video or pics?

It would be nice to hear what it sounds like
Originally Posted by ah gon View Post
hey,i wanna know the performance between the stock us air box and euros one.also,i assumed u have the KN filter to used on the new air box.and will not have any not smooth when driving?i used to have afe intake and feel engine not smooth when after 3000rpm.
I can take some pics this weekend if you guys don't mind waiting. I'll take pics of the inside of the new box, versus the U.S. box. The first thing I noticed about the car on the initial test drive was the growl of the engine. It is more noticeable now. It gets up to power very smoothy. I really don't know why BMW made two different designs? The only conclusion I came to was to help the euro versions make more power? Like I said I am really happy with this mod combined with the K&N filter.