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Originally Posted by e92justin View Post
Im 17 years old and have always wanted to join the Marines. I plan on going in the DEP this month and leaving next year after high school. I know for sure i want to be an Infantryman. However I want to jump out of airplanes so damn bad too (Army Airborne)! With that said I dont know whether to go Marine infantry or Army airborne. The Marine recruiter told me that their training would better prepare me for battle and that the army is full of shit. Any suggestions on which route i should go and why?
UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. Marines can go to airborne school too I hope you know. Reasons why you should join my beloved Corps:

1. It is the United States Marine Corps
2. We are the best
3. The brotherhood that lasts forever: active, reserve, retired, etc., no matter where you go in the world if you run into another Marine, you're bound to at least exchange a handshake, maybe some beers.
4. It is the United States Marine Corps
5. The benefits afterwards: yes, all service members are entitled to the same general benefits, but in the Marine Corps, we have things like Marine4Life, which is a program transitioning Marines can go to for help with almost anything - it is a great program
6. The discipline - a quote from my best friend who joined the Army infantry (got out as a Sergeant) at the same time I joined the Marines would always tell me that he would prefer a platoon of Marine privates over his current platoon because of the discipline of Marines
7. You're a "Marine" - not a cook, infantryman, medic, etc; you are a Marine and when people hear that they associate the name with 234 years of badass
8. We are the best
9. The training
10. The pride - after getting your ass kicked for 13 weeks in bootcamp and then receiving the beloved Eagle, Globe and Anchor, you get a rush of pride and fulfillment unrivaled by anything
11. It is the United States Marine Corps
12. In the Army Sergeants are usually Squad leaders, sometimes Corporals if they're good enough - in the Marine Corps Lance Corporals and Corporals are Squad leaders because, well we're just that good.
13. We have the best damned uniforms out of any of the services. You can go don a set of Dress Blues and women will flock - even if you're one of the guys who hit every branch on the way down, Dress Blues are in the words of borat "pussy magnets."
14. We are the best
15. Who does this nation entrust our embassies around the world to? United States Marines. You can go on embassy duty and live like a king in any country where we have an embassy. No other service gets to do that.
16. The Silent Drill Platoon - google it, you'll see what I'm talking about
17. Chesty Puller - google him
18. Carlos Hathcock - google him
19. The Army is an occupying force - if you want to go into theatre kick back and sit around for 15 months, so be it. The Marine Corps are the shock troops of the US Military - we get in, kill everything, get out and let the army occupy the land
20. Unmatched leadership skills
21. Adventure - The Army deploys when there is a war, or you can get stationed overseas. The Marines deploy all the damn time, you will see more of the world in the Marine Corps than any other service guaranteed
22. The Honor of being called "Marine"
23. The physical fitness - also unmatched by any of the other services
24. Becoming "One of the few, the Proud."
25. Did I mention that it is the United States Marine Corps and we are the best?
26. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
27. Your Vietnam Marine veteran neighbor across the street giving you his service Ka-Bar before you deploy.

I could go on forever, but you get the point. You can't go wrong joining the Marines, everyone I know who was in any other service (Grandpa in the Army, Grandpa in the Navy, best friend Army, Dad Air Force, Uncle Army) all said they wished they had joined the Marines instead.

Just because the Marine Corps doesn't have a dedicated airborne division anymore, does not mean shit. You can still go to airborne school, you can go Recon or MARSOC and get your army jump wings and your naval jump wings. There are a ridiculous amount of schools you can go to.

Lastly, if you want a challenge, and don't want to settle for second best - join the Marine Corps.