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Originally Posted by psychoactive View Post
I have a question, when something like this happens and you take the car to the dealer do you have to pay like thousands of dollars or what? Or is this covered under my 4 years of free maintenance or warranty?

I am a brand brand new baby bimmer owner...
As with any new car, all problems are covered under warranty as long as you dont start making some modifications.

If you hear this sound (audio clip earlier in thread) take it in! I set up an appointment 2 weeks in advanced, got a loaner car, and the dealer asked me if they could keep it one more day to try and produce the noise, but they couldnt. Your service dept will probably say this is a normal sound. If they say this, tell them it is normal if the sound last for less then 30 seconds, but like the rest of us, it last 5+ minutes.

Has anyone noticed the ticking pick up frequency as time goes by? My last ticking sound was about 1 weeks ago.

I will take my car in every time I get this sound and build up a track record of having this looked at on my car, because when 50,001 mile comes and my engine fails, I will fight like crazy to have this covered by warranty, especially for $4300 which will probably be about $5500 when I get to 50K.