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For Sale - e90 325i/330i Simota Induction Kit

For Sale - Genuine Simota Induction Kit.

I recently purchased this Induction Kit and had it installed on my 2005 e90 325i ( I believe it also fits an e90 330i ).

I only had the kit on for approx 1 week when my car developed an unrelated problem ( a Vanos Solenoid needed replacing ).
Before leaving my car into our local BMW Dealer for repair I had the Simota Induction Kit removed in case it affected my third party warranty ( transpired the fault was not covered by third party warranty anyway ).
I am now selling this kit as I am intending to change my car shortly.

I purchased the Simota Induction Kit from "Evolve" for 349 inc VAT plus 35 shipping to NI. Total - 384.00.

I would be willing to sell the Simota Induction Kit for 200 plus 35 shipping to UK location. Total - 235.00 ( Deduct Shipping if you wish to collect this item from me in N.I. ).

In excellent condition and really enhances the sound from the 6 cyl engine.

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