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Very interesting; I go to them 100% for everything and never had a bad experience (of course leaving out the one time they forgot to pick me up from work in Tyson's). I try to make it as painless as possible - book way ahead, show up 30min before my appt time, and don't always demand service loaners. They seem to be hit or miss and don't pressure you to do un-needed repairs (again discounting the dent masters rep who comes out as soon as you pull through the 'magic gate stating how he can remove any imperfection he finds for a nominal cost).

Sucks you had a bad experience - but a dealer is a dealer is a dealer is a dealer. I will never go to Sterling as they don't recognize my existence when I visit.

Make a complaint they usually tend to make good on their mistakes. If I recall, for leaving me at work they offered me a full detail at a later date - I never cashed in on it.