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Getting the most out of a BAD visit to the stealership

With my e90 still under CPO warranty and free maintenance, I scheduled an appointment with the dealership since my brake pad warning indicator went off. I thought this was odd because I was certain that my brakes had plenty of time left.

8 hours later (good thing I decided to take a free loaner), I looked over the work order to realize that all that was done was a CBC correction. What? 8 hours for a simple computer fix. There's a long line of cars...yada yada..ok ill accept that i guess. Just a huge PITA.

Anyways, here's my biggest mistake...before I left, I said "sure" to a car wash. As I had that gut feeling I should retract my acceptance, I just let it stand still and see how it turns out. Well you guessed it, bad choice. After waiting nearly 45 minutes after checking out at the cashier's (another problem, which I dont even want to get started on ) I do a routine check of my car before driving off. Just a side note, during the initial inspection by the SA, I made sure that all (very few) scuffs were accounted for. So when I looked to see if everything was ok with the surface, I come upon some surface scratches that I could swear were not there before. And even with a Tiag e90, I was still able to see the new additions given the bright sunlight thankfully. I bring this to the SA's attention.

Coming from such an "esteemed" brand, I expect BMW service to be great. Instead I get a response from the SA somewhere along the lines of "usually customers dont know that these scratches are there before the service, and notice them after a wash because of the sun and cleaniness of the wash"...dont give me that BS! After complaining, he offered me free detail service on my next visit (since the detailers where gone for the day).

THanks to the folks here on the forum, I confirmed my suspicions on a detail (or lack there of) done by the dealership. If their wash can be terrible, whats to say their detail service would be any better.

THen comes the good ole survey. Well after speaking my mind, responses by the survey and service department, and refusing to accept detail service that I would not take anyways, I was given a nice credit for the inconvenience.

Moral of the story, well first NO CAR WASHES OR DETAILS by the dealership. Lastly, the customer should always be right...and make sure you dont put up with their BS and get what you feel is fair.