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Originally Posted by doc1911 View Post
With the Army you can sign a contract for a specific Military Police. It might have changed but the Marines don't do that.
When I was in, there were only certain MOS's where it was up in the air even after signing your contract (I think Crash Fire Rescue was one). Pretty sure all the MP's I worked with were there on purpose. There are a lot of specific MOS's you have to hope you luck out on (ex: specific avionics MOS), but I don't think 5811 is one of those.

Originally Posted by doc1911 View Post
I will say the Marine marksmanship program is better than the Army's but for the most part that all evens out in a couple years. The average Marine isn't any better with a M16 than the average infantyman in the 82nd after 5 year.
There's something to be said about the comparison of the "average Marine"'s shooting abilities compared to an "average infantryman" in the Army. I don't know if you intended for your comparison to be that way, but it's flattering that you'd compare our pogues to your grunts in that regard. That being said, your performance on the range has only a little to do with how well you perform when the shit hits the fan.

Originally Posted by doc1911 View Post
Don't get fooled by the dress blues, that is the nicest thing the Marines have going for them. They have inferior equipment, an overblown sence of importance and are far more impressive in the movies
We do have inferior equipment. We make do with rotary wing airframes which haven't rolled off an assembly line since Vietnam, we get hand-me-down tech, and we do feast off the crumbs of the Navy's budget. But it's what we do, and we do it well.

Your statement about "overblown sense of importance" doesn't really do great things for validating your POV. That just sounds like bitterness. I'm sure the OP is looking for advice that isn't jaded like that.