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Originally Posted by widenlongtran View Post
Just to avoid confusion:

The KW V2 did not come with a BOOK. It came with a couple pamphlets which were pretty much worthless. 3/4 of it was in German.

Also, the "big metal keys" are used for adjust the FRONT coilover height. The rear height adjustment requires you to remove the control arm bolt which allows you to remove the spring for adjustment. The instructions specifically state that you need to remove the rear spring in order to adjust the heigh for the rear. The big metal keys are not used in the rear at all.
LMAO!! WOW!!! if the pamhplet was useless..the why do the "instructions" clearly state that u need to remove the rear spring in order to adjust it!!
U know installing these on 3 cars of my OWN know!! I would say I know what im talking about!
Adjusting the front doesnt require any tool at all to adjust the height! just undo the allen set and turn it with your hands its really easy!!!
Adjusting the rear YES can be done with the metal keys whether or not your suppost to or not they WORK!!! if your fine tuning and have taking that spring off over 5 times in a hour like me youll find a turn i not worth 20 min of dropping the control arm and fucking with it more!!
so OBVIOSLY the instructions arent WORTHLESS!! yes alot is in german but the main points of install are on there u just need to open your eyes!!