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Good all round mostly from the ones i've been to

Scotthall pretty good, Coopers were very helpful as were Berry in Chiswick, Sytner High Wycombe Generally on the Whole were pretty good, Sales guys as a whole are ace, way more helpful than the service guys for sure. If i need something sorted, just go back to the guy who sold me the car - End result it gets done, quickly, no fuss. Service just seem to try and cook up reasons why it cant be done. Other than that pretty good.

One very bad experince though

Sytner Solihull - One of the rudest experiences in my life! Young cocky sales guy prooved very sarcastic and didnt even take me seriously, neither did the woman on reception. Clearly took one look at the way i was dressed and my age and immediatly made there own prejudicial judgement there and then before speaking to me - Not the way to sell cars

I can safely say I will not recommend Sytner Solihull to anyone

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