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Originally Posted by ibanezking View Post
My daugther had a hire car while hers was repaired last year and they phoned up the day after it was returned and said there was a huge crack in the windscreen and it was upto her to cover the cost.

Some woman kept phoning her, bullying her into making card payment over the phone threatening legal action etc..........

I told Emma, next time she phoned, that could she please provide her with the paperwork to show the vehicle condition before and after her period of hire with her signature on it..............

Didn't hear from them again!


To the OP.......... reverse sensors go to CONTINUOUS beep even when you're still about 10-12 inches away
When you're in an unfamiliar car - you wouldn't drive past the fast beep, just before it goes to continuous..........
I have a 335d and it was continuous for quite a while as it was very narrow gap between 2 minis. I have a 335d so know the parking sensors
But my fault was that i was paying attention to the drivers side and the wall finished in the middle of the car so i didn't see the wall in the drivers side mirror as i was going back and trying not to hit the mini. They showed me the damage and the wall etc. It all lined up so my fault for sure. They offered to show me CCTV etc.

Totally understand what some are saying about telling them to stuff it etc.