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Went to pick up my 07 335i (CONTINUED!!!)

If anyone recalls I posted a story about picking up a 07 335i at BMW of Roxbury, NJ. I spoke and emailed them several times and agreed on a price of 26k and went to pick the car up the next day (or so I thought). I had to travel almost 3 hours to get there, and upon arrival they let me know the car was bought the night before.... (now the continuation).

I saw that the car was still up on,, their website and then the kicker.. I saw a brand new add I week later advertising the same car on craigslist. soo.. I had some friends email them (along w/ myself) ask info on the car yesterday (leaving phone numbers etc..). Then this morning the emails and phone calls start coming in.. "good news, the car is available, when would you like to pick it up?" So finally I call them back.... I talk to a salesman and ask about the car.. "why yes it's available", I ask twice if he's sure, I even made him go out physically check to see if the car is actually there. Finally I brake out my story from 10 days prior and demand to speak to a the sales manager. "Well, he's in a meeting..". I refused to hand up and ended up waiting 30 minutes being promised a call back. The salesman even tried to tell me, 20 minutes into the wait, that he discovered the car was sold (as I told him), but the owner didn't come to pick it up yet. But then I mentioned the fact that he told me 3 times the car was available, confirmed visibly and I had maybe 5 emails stating the exact same thing (from 3 different salesmen).. Anyways I never got a call back from the dealership. I have since filed my 2nd complaint w/ BMW corporate and just filed a complaint w/ the NJ Attorney General's office.

BEWARD BMW OF ROXBURY.. and don't call about this car: Craigslist Link Autotrader link Their website link