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Finally added some pics of my ED. Dropped the car off on June 15th in Munich and am still waiting for it. Visited following places during the two week stay:
Munich (obviously), Fussen (Neuschwanstein Castle), Garmisch Parten-Kirchen (Zugspitze), Bolzano in Italy, Stelvio Pass, Davos in Switzerland, Possibly Lichtenstein...took a little detour, Freiburg in Germany, Back to Munich to drop the car off, Flew to Paris

One piece of advice:
Nav of some sort is an absolute must!!! Figured that I'd be able to navigate easily...yeah right! The damn street signs are so tiny...especially when you're used to the billboard-sized ones in U.S.
Got to Bolzano and was so fed up that I bought a portable Tom Tom.

BMW Welt as viewed from the Museum.
Name:  BMW Welt Outside 2.jpg
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Name:  BMW Welt Outside BMW tower.jpg
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One my favorite sightings at the museum. M3, CSL...remember when Jeremy from Top Gear test drove it?
Name:  BMW_Museum_M3_CSL.jpg
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Our #328 locker at BMW welt
Name:  BMW Welt Inside, our #328 locker.jpg
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The big moment
Name:  BMW Welt_Delivery 2 Car Spinning.JPG
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Name:  BMW Welt_Delivery 7 zero miles.JPG
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And off we go...
Name:  BMW Welt_Delivery 8 Driving out.JPG
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Another european delivery parked next to me at the Neuschwanstein castle parking lot
Name:  Neuschwanstein Another European Delivery.JPG
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Name:  Neuschwanstein Vik in Car 2.jpg
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Name:  Neuschwanstein view from 3.jpg
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View of Alps from Zugspitze
Name:  Zugspitze view of alps.jpg
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Going up Stelvio Pass
Name:  Stelvio Pass Hair pin turns going up 0.jpg
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Hairpin turns...
Name:  Stelvio Pass Hairpin turns 2.jpg
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More hairpin turns
Name:  Stelvio Pass Hairpin turns 1.jpg
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Enjoying the view
Name:  Stelvio Pass Vik Alone 1.jpg
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Name:  Stelvio Pass Otherside Car alone.jpg
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Random bachelors party in Freiburg. There is a keg on there with a designated 'driver'...everyone else is sh** faced. Guess who the bachelor is?
Name:  Freiburg Bachelors Party.JPG
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Name:  IMG_0361.JPG
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Back in Munich...last car wash before drop off.
Name:  IMG_0374.JPG
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Spotted a Alpina B7 at drop off...very nice ride
Name:  Munich Car Dropoff B7 Alpina.JPG
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Saying bye bye to the car
Name:  Munich Car Dropoff Saying Bye Bye.jpg
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Enjoying a last heff at Hacker Pschorr Brauhaus in Munich before flying out to Paris
Name:  Munich Car Dropoff Hasker Pschorr Brauhaus Hefeweizen.jpg
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No pix of Paris since I dropped the car off one wants to see my ugly face in front of the Eiffel tower