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Originally Posted by WWONG View Post
You must realllllllly want that used car
It wasn't that I just wanted the car (although it was a very good price for the mileage etc..). It was the fact that they knew I was driving 3hrs (160 miles) to buy this car. They had no problem leading me to believe it was available, when they knew it wasn't. I guess I have always just held BMW dealerships at a higher standard.

If you want to see a humorous email, check out the punctuation and grammar by one of their sales reps.

Hi, Denis,
i talk to my manager we own this car for $26900 we can sell it for $26000 . so for as financing is concerened its depend on your credit. the car has 22431 miles it has premium package
cold weather package and doesnt have ipod adopter. i understand you live on 3hours drive. so i would
like to give you all detail very honestly. even if you want we can make the deal by faxing credit application and buyers order this way everything is in black and white and no surprize.
let me klnow

From: BMW of Roxbury 840 Route 46 Roxbury, NJ 07847
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