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Originally Posted by CarForHire View Post
I feel like the kid is joining for the wrong reasons, but I'm sure his views will change. As for Army vs Marines, everyone will always stand up for their own. IMHO RLTW
If you want to be in a Federal Agency, go to school and join ROTC. Serve as a "butter bar" and then go from there.
Im joining because i want to serve my country and gain military experience. Because having that along with a college degree which i plan to do afterwards will (at least i hope so) get me closer to becoming a police officer. But at the same time i still want to do what i wanna do (jumping out of planes, kickin doors open, and all that other shit that goes along with it)

Originally Posted by oct1285 View Post
are we reading the same thread? The first two pages seems to fit the bill to me. And I always love these "hey look at me, i'm going to join the military" threads.
I was simply asking for suggestions since this is a forum and is the off topic section. Thats what these were made for am i right? wtf do i have to brag about im not even in the service. Go find something better to do than talking shit.