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Originally Posted by jpurvis08 View Post
Thanks man, im very happy with the results, here is mainly what i did and ate,I completely cut out sodas, used to drink abt 5 a day, no for the past year im down to none, ever, no "flavored juices, they are packed with sugar, mainly just drink water, orange juice and vitamin water zeros. And to cut down i ate about 4 to 6 times per day but small meals and usually consisted of an egg white and spinach omlette for B-fast or whole grain cereal, lunch would be any kind of fish or lean meat such as turkey, lean beef patties(no bread) and lots of veggies, which you need for carbs if your training hard each day. ALWAYS about 1-2 servings of natural fruit per day, no fruit in sweetened syrups. And dinner i almost always ate lean burger patties and veggies or a small chicken breast(tyson kind) and veggies. But you could also do tuna, or any other fish. And i always take protein supplements once a day, 2 scoops on workout days 1 scoop on non lifting days. Now that i have cut down alot i have upped my calorie intake to try to buil back some more muscle, so i eat alot more protein as well as take protein supplements still. I use syntha-6 protein its pretty lean and ive gotten the best results from it. Just make sure if your taking in more calories you work out hard to burn them off, this is where you will notice size increase and strength gains. So basically you dont have to be on a super strict diet to do it, just eat healthy and smaller portions, and in between main meals eat a snack like banana or i eat bear naked granola since it is 100 percent natural. Sounds like your on the right track, and the Forman grill is awesome lol i have one i use daily.
Thanks for the tips jpurvis08. I'll be sure to use them. I'm thinking of laying off the added protein supplements until I start P90x. My plan is to do Max month 2 of insanity for the next two months and jump into P90X to start building more mass. Would love to lose 12-14 more lbs in the next two months. I know how much harder I would have to work when I get closer to my target weight of 165 lb.