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Got this in and installed.

For all those out there that have the newer design stock switch with the chrome trim on knob, but have a Euro Switch with black only knob:

I know there is a post out there describing how to switch the Euro Switch rear fog buttons & circuit board over to your stock switch to retain the chrome trim knob - I'm here to tell you that is a lot of trouble for nuttin.


Remove dash trim above switch
Remove switch & trim
Remove switch from trim
Unclip top and bottom clip of round bezel around knob and remove bezel
Left side blank button will fall free - making more room
Simply pull up on knob and it will come right off

Follow same procedures for new Euro Switch to remove the black only knob & replace with your chrome trimmed knob.

Replace left blank button
Replace knob bezel
Replace switch into trim
Replace switch/trim into dash
Replace dash trim above switch


I placed the switch in the 'O' position (Off or straight up) in both cases prior to knob removal (did this only to ensure that when replacing knob that it went back on shaft in correct position).

Not really necessary as the shaft is shaped a special way so that the knob cannot help but be installed correctly.

Switching the knobs over took all of 10sec and I didn't have to remove the entire rear of the switch and dig around in there trying to get the fog buttons off...

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